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Social Media Intern

1. Favorite television series from childhood: Growing up my favorite television series was Avatar the Last Airbender. Something about it just stuck with me and being older, it’s still a favorite, but the live action isn’t unfortunately.

2. Go-to series for a therapeutic cry: The Last Season of The Good Place, because I felt like I grew up with it. I was there by accident when it first started to air and I made sure to watch every episode.

3. Go-to series to fall asleep to: Riverdale

4. The TV character my friends say I am most like is: My friends keep saying I’m like Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. So I will take their word for it.

5. My personality in three TV series: 1st, Master of None because of the themes of identifying what the main character really wants. 2nd, Bojack Horseman because of the dark humor and complexities of the human mind and relationships. Finally 3rd, The Abstract: The Art of the Design because it highlights creative minds and their perception and inspirations.

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