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Co-Founder & Co-President

1. Favorite television series from childhood: It has to be I Love Lucy. I can remember watching marathons on TBS and Nick at Night… and recording them on VHS to watch whenever I wanted. The theme song brings me so much comfort and joy even now as it not only reminds me of the show but of a time in my life where I was able to just live inside the TV. It is also still incredible to me that a show over 50 years old can still make me laugh that hard.

2. Series I can quote from memory: Friends. Not original but deeply in my bones and body.

3. TV character I would name my child after (and yes, fur children count!): My beloved Dexter, yes, named for the TV serial killer embodied by Michael C. Hall. I would get this question all the time… is he named for… Yes, yes he was. I do like to define that he was named after the 4th season (trinity killer). It was just a time and a place and I love that he became more my Dexter than that Dexter… but Michael C. Hall did once tell me “well, he’ll only bite the bad people.”

4. Go-to series to curl up with on a rainy or cold day: Lately its been Grace and Frankie

5. Go-to series to cheer me up when I’m sad: Somebody Feed Phil

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