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 Need some help discovering what to watch, listen to, read, or catch-up on in the world of TV? This is the place! 

2023 marked a momentous year, not just for the stories on our screen, but for the TV industry itself. We found new shows and characters to fall in love with (like Poker Face and Primo), welcomed back fan favorites (like The Bear and The Righteous Gemstones), said farewell to some hall-of-fame series (Succession, Reservation Dogs, Barry), and were reminded that yes, there are genuinely kind – and hilarious – people in the world (thank you, Jury Duty and Somebody Somewhere). And best of all, we got to share it with you – our TV family.

Our ATX TV Year End Top 10 lists are coming soon, so stay tuned — and in the meantime, we wanted to share a few of our favorite “Holiday Go-Tos.” ‘Tis the season!


A few cable and streaming favorites that keep us coming back year after year. 


Why: Holiday viewing in my house is very intense. There’s a long list and I get to them in a certain order. They do include Elf, While You Were Sleeping, The Holiday, and The Family Stone, But THE Holiday viewing necessity that cannot be missed is Home Alone. In fact, it is usually watched on 12/23 with a pizza and ice cream situation, a lot of quoting, a lot of laughing and a replaying Daniel Stern screaming when a spider is placed on his face. It is my favorite thing to watch my mother watch this movie for the 50th time! 


Where: Stream it on Disney+, Hulu, or Starz, or catch it on FX proper! 

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder


Why: When it comes to holiday movie staples, there are just so many options. From Elf to Home Alone to The Family Stone to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, there are just so many holiday movies that I absolutely adore and just love watching with friends and family every year. However, The Holiday has got to be my number one choice. It is just such a fun watch and I just love the storyline between Kate Winslet and her elderly neighbor played by Eli Wallach so much. It is actually a struggle for me to not watch this movie during the year so I’m always so excited when December rolls around and I can finally kick off my holiday movie watching with The Holiday


Where: Airing on Lifetime (or rent it)!

– Victoria Burk, Operations Coordinator


Why: So I have all the classic movies that I absolutely do not miss during the season just like everyone else – White Christmas, Elf, The Ref, Scrooged, Love Actually, Die Hard – but the number one, absolute must watch is The Muppet Christmas Carol. I have a very special place in my heart for The Muppets – it’s totally my dream to somehow work for or with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Michael Caine is the perfect Scrooge, and all the songs were instant classics – and I can sing along to each and every one of them. And now that “When Love Is Gone” is back in (take THAT Jeffrey Katzenberg), we can all settle in and enjoy my most favorite Christmas movie of all time. Merry Muppet Christmas!


Where: Stream it on Disney+ and Hulu!



Why: To be specific, the Ethan Embry and Thora Birch 1991 version. My sister and I watched this every year on repeat (and now I continue the tradition with my nieces). It was fun to see kids taking charge of their lives, having an adventure in NYC, and though I never thought I’d call a mouse adorable, after this movie, I dreamed of having a little Snowball of my own! It’s also got an adorable teen romance, the magic of family at Christmas time (including a family-owned diner!), and of course, it snows at the exact right moment. Then you add in Lauren Bacall as the perfect grandmother, and Kevin Nealon gets locked in a… well, I don’t want to spoil that plot point for those that haven’t seen it.


Where: Stream it on AMC+ or rent!



Why: Less “family friendly” than the previous recommendations? Perhaps. But Matt Rogers’ comedy-music-holiday special “Have You Heard of Christmas?” is exactly the cure for your end of year blues. Fans of the Las Culturistas podcast (which Rogers hosts with SNL’s Bowen Yang) and cancelled-too-soon comedy I Love That For You can and will evangelize about Rogers’ infectious charm, comedic timing, and ability to belt every American Idol Winners ballad on cue – but this special is the kind of earnest-in-its-ridiculousness, queer holiday spectacle that could only come from the self-proclaimed “Prince of Christmas.” And yes, it’s only been out for a year, but it immediately became Holiday must-watch in our house (and thank Mariah Carey we have an accompanying album to stream now). Make the yuletide gay, INDEED!

Where: Stream it on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME! (And stream/buy the album wherever you get your tunes.)

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Stay cool and stream on.

(Apple TV+)

If you haven’t joined the Slow Horses club, now is a great time to jump in. Smartly written with a truly excellent cast, yet not overly self-serious — it’s always a delight to have new episodes to look forward to. 


The Season 3 premiere is streaming now on Apple TV+, with new episodes weekly — and Seasons 1 & 2 are available to catch up on anytime.

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Season 24 is kicking off Dec. 4th and I. Am. Ready. It’s time to return to the fictional, and very murdery, Midsomer county, and enjoy the ultimate cozy mystery. I like to curl up on the couch with a (spiked) cup of tea and watch all the DSs and DCIs do their thing. 

Stream Midsomer Murders on Acorn TV.


(Prime Video)

He’s baaaaaaaaaaack (finally!). One of the break out hits of 2022, Prime Video’s Reacher, returns for Season 2 this month, and hot dang are we ready for it. Reacher is somehow exactly what you think it will be, and yet delightfully surprising — largely thanks to Ritchson’s disarming performance, which both leans into and plays against his considerable physical presence.

Season 1 (only eight episodes) is available to stream now on Prime Video, and Season 2 premieres December 15. 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming

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