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Co-Founder & Co-President

1. Favorite television series from childhood: Does teen count? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have seen this series more than any other, it is my go to for everything: when I need to feel strong, when I need to just hang out with some friends, when I need to cry. Whatever I need, I channel Buffy.

2. Go-to series for a therapeutic cry: There are specific episodes of Buffy, Parenthood, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill, Dance Academy, and The Good Wife that made me ugly cry so hard I was never the same. I can still return to them whenever I need that release, and they never fail me.

3. Series/genre my “do not disturb” MUST be on during: Succession (at least it was, but now it’s basically any HBO Sunday night drama)

4. Go-to series to cheer me up when I’m sad: Schitt’s Creek

5. TV character I would name my child after (and yes, fur children count!): Riggins! But my dog’s full name is Neville (yes, that’s a book reference!) William Riggins, because he is specifically named after Billy not Tim.

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