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Why: When I was in college, Scandal was THE show that all of my friends and I were obsessed with. We would gather every Thursday night for wine and popcorn at my apartment and watch every new episode while providing very colorful commentary. However, after I graduated, moved out, got a job, etc., etc., I stopped keeping up with the show and never made it past Season 5. So over the holidays, I have started rewatching the show and I am determined to finish the series. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the show, some of the episodes and twists still make me gasp. I remember the show being crazy when it was airing, but watching it now as a semi-proper adult is truly wild. My opinions on the Olivia-Fitz-Jake love triangle have definitely changed during this second viewing, but that’s a conversation for another day (with wine and popcorn).

When/Where: All episodes are available on Hulu.


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