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Why: By virtue of being a ‘90s baby, I certainly know who David Beckham is (Posh Spice’s husband — duh), but prior to this doc, I don’t think I’d ever actually watched him play a match. (I know. I KNOW! I’m upset too!!) Now, having finally seen Beckham, it’s kind of all I want to do. Whether or not you’re a fan of Beckham, football, or sports in general — there is truly nothing more satisfying than watching someone who is preternaturally talented at something do what they do best — something that director Fisher Stevens knows well. The series manages to capture both the incredible highs and lows of Bechkam’s career and the pop-cultural supernova that was “Posh and Becks,” as well as guest appearances by a host of managers, teammates, rivals, friends, and more — all within the span of four episodes. I may have gotten there a bit late, but this absolutely makes the list of favorite things I watched in 2023.

When/Where: Stream it now on Netflix.


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