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The Fosters

Why: After binging and moderating a conversation about My Life With the Walter Boys, my heart needed more of the big family drama mixed with all the teen soap. Enter The Fosters. I watched this show week to week when it was originally on, and during this rewatch I can easily say I still love it just as much. Yes, it is a dramatic TV show, so there are many episodes where you’re left asking, “Can anything else go wrong in this exact moment?” but it’s full of so much heart and love that I don’t care. It also touches on many issues that are still (too) relevant, but it does so in a way that isn’t preachy or demoralizing; it instead gives hope. I don’t cry every episode (this is not Parenthood), but when it does have those gut-wrenching moments, they are well earned.

When/Where: Stream the full series now on Hulu.


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