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 Need some help discovering what to watch, listen to, read, or catch-up on in the world of TV? This is the place! 

What’s funny, sexy, and premiered at #ATXTVs12?

That would be MINX Season 2, y’all! One of our favorites is officially back, with new episodes airing every Friday on Starz (Season 1 is available there, too, if you missed it the first time around!).

Need more Doug & Joyce? Check out our festival Q&A with stars Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond above or on our official ATX TV YouTube Channel.


So much TV. So little time to watch. Here’s what you should be watching this month.


Why: For those following along, this “type” of show doesn’t normally fall in my “TV Guide” but this show is just too fun, too good, too emotional to be left off. It made it in my Top 10 in 2022, and I am so excited it is back. A little darker than last year, and the time jumps are a lot, but there’s just such heart to it… and it brings up a very specific strain of love and heartache that I definitely remember from being 17. For the record, as you start to pick who you like to follow… this would normally fall smack dab bullseye in an “Emily TV Guide” – and it does that too, but this is where we like to keep you on your toes. 


When: Season 2 is streaming now, with new episodes premiering Fridays on Prime Video.

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder

SILO (Apple TV+)

Why: Full disclosure, tuned into this one for Graham Yost (Advisory board member, and creator of Justified… need I say more? Oh, I do? Speed.) Ok, so I’m not usually a Sci Fi watcher, or seek out dystopian, or futuristic… all the things that lead for Silo, based on short story Wool. I tuned in for Graham (and maybe Rebecca Fergueson and Common) and was so delighted by the depths (pun intended) that this series takes. Like most Apple series, it is gorgeous with a stellar cast, but it also takes you for many twists and turns, and Juliette (Fergueson) is impossible to turn away from. Don’t worry there’s a Season 2 on the way… someday.


When: All episodes of Season 1 are streaming now on Apple TV+. 

– Chakadra Ward, Programming Assistant


Why: I will watch anything Michelle Buteau does, so I was DELIGHTED when I heard she had created a new series where she stars as Mavis, a fabulous stylist focused on body positivity trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a rough break up. I sat down with my Saturday morning breakfast tacos to watch one episode and ended up watching all eight. It’s just a fun watch – a deeply enjoyable friend group with Mavis, Marley, and Khalil, lots of sequins, a woman finding love and sex after heartbreak, a drag bar I really want to go to, and a dog wedding. I just wish there were more episodes.


When: All eight episodes are streaming now on Netflix.

– Laura Kincaid, Director of Operations


Why: I’m both looking forward to and dreading the third and final season of Reservation Dogs. This show is so special, and I don’t use that term lightly. It’s a YA show about Native teens growing up on a reservation in Oklahoma, but it’s also what I like to call “above genre” in that it’s so much more. It will make you laugh, and then cry, and then laugh again, leaving you with a feeling of hope, all within a 30 minute span. Creator Sterlin Harjo said the show is ending on his terms, and how he and Taika Waititi always pictured it would. So, that in itself gives me solace, even if I hate the thought of saying good-bye. 


When: FX on Hulu, premiering August 3.

– Emily Gipson, Co-Founder


Why: Another great pick for the summer! Hello Sunshine has gifted us a gem of a sports docuseries that follows the journeys of five female, Native Hawaiian surfers as they train and compete for a spot on the professional surfing World Tour. Not only do we get to learn more about the sport of surfing, but surfers Moana Jones Wong, Ewe Wong, Maluhia Kinimaka, Pua DeSoto, and Brianna Cope show us the importance of surfing within the Native Hawaiian culture, what it’s like to represent your community, and how surfing has shaped their lives. As someone from Hawaii, nothing brings me more joy than to see the beaches, mountains, and roads I grew up with and my home state represented on television. This show has been on my radar for awhile and I am so excited that it is now available to watch on Amazon Prime! 


When: All episodes are streaming now on Prime Video. 

– Victoria Burk, Operations Coordinator


Stay cool and stream on.


Heartstopper is Season 2 is finally around the corner — nearly one year after its breakout first season dropped on Netflix. If you’re looking for a break from grittier, dramatic fare, or just a little bit of softness in a world that can be not-so-kind to LGBTQIA+ folks, look no further. (Plus, if the soundtrack is anywhere like S1, we expect to have it on repeat for a while.) 


Season 1  of Heartstopper is streaming now on Netflix; Season 2 premieres on August 3.



I have been impatiently waiting for Season 3 of the two-time Member Watch Club pick, Only Murders in the Building, and I’m pumped it’s almost time to go back to The Arconia – even if the murder didn’t happen in the building this go around. I can’t wait to watch Charles, Oliver, and Mabel close the case, plus Meryl Streep, y’all!


Season 3 premieres August 8 on Hulu.



I’ll admit that my investment in the Star Wars TV universe tends to fluctuate from series to series, but as a Rebels fan, bringing Sabine, Hera, Ezra, Thrawn, et al. into the live-action fold is more than enough to get me sufficiently PUMPED for Ahsoka. (Plus, obviously… Ahsoka.) Expectations are certainly high for this one — I’m hoping it lives up to every bit of the hype.


Watch the trailer HERE and tune in August 23 for the premiere on Disney+. 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Some Austin favorites to shake up your playlists.

DIG DEEP ATX: Live Showcase Playlist

On Friday, July 28, we teamed up with Deep Cut Music (founded by music supervisor & ATX TV Festival alum Maggie Phillips) and Still Austin Whiskey Co. to host the first ever DIG DEEP ATX showcase, featuring live performances from some Austin-based favorites. 


The goal of Dig Deep ATX is to not only support local talent,  but to take the next step towards getting their music placed in TV & films, and allow them to continue doing what they do best.


This first showcase – curated by Deep Cut Music’s Maggie Phillips & Kristen Higuera –  featured Kalu & the Electric Joint, Daniel Fears, Pelvis Wrestley, and Being Dead. Check them out HERE on our official Spotify playlist — and keep an eye out for details on our next showcase!

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