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What we’re watching (and what you should be, too!). 

POKER FACE (Peacock)

Why: Because this is what TV is all about. When Columbo meets Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne, we get this modern “case of the week” series where in between the pilot and the finale you can watch in any order, pick your favorite guest star, and go for it. 


When: Whenever you have an our and want to go on a road trip. Beauty here is that it can be done however you want with however much time you have.

– Caitlin Mcfarland, co-founder


Why: For me this has nothing to do with the video game (honestly, somehow I missed that it was a video game… don’t judge me). My why has more to do with Craig Mazin who blew me away with his take on Chernobyl, something I didn’t know I needed. Then there is Pedro Pascal who I fell for in Narcos, and missed seeing his face in the Mandalorian. But after episode 3 with Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman… if this isn’t just a beautiful tale of humanity and survival… I’m not sure what is.


When: Sunday nights at 9/8c on HBO is your best bet to avoid spore-lers. (Sorry.) 

– Caitlin Mcfarland, co-founder


Why: I’m not a huge Reality TV head, but I do love a fun, messy competition show (shout out to my dearly departed FBoy Island) — and The Traitors delivered exactly that. Throw in some genuinely surprising players, Alan Cumming at his most fabulously Scottish, and a spooky castle, and you really can’t go wrong.


When: Season 1 is available for you to binge right now on Peacock. (And binge it you will.) 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Why: Ummm… So many reasons, do we really need to tell you? #1 Brett Goldstein (yes, Roy from Ted Lasso… he’s a writer first and foremost), #2 Bill Lawrence (he writes many things you laugh at), and #3 Harrison Ford is on TV and he isn’t riding a horse… he is being snarky and dry and witty.

When: As soon as you can. Totally manageable one at a time though. I wish more came at once, but guess I’ll deal with one at a time.

– Caitlin mcfarland, co-founder

BELOW DECK (Bravo via Peacock)

Why: Because you want to see pretty places and often terrible people not looking around to enjoy it… but for me it is Rachel (the chef) and Fraser and ALL the attitude. I’ll admit this was not a tried and true reality show for me until the last two seasons… and it just allows me to turn off my brain without too much yelling (usually).


When: All at once. Let a few, or all, stack up and just binge binge binge! Definitely passive viewing for me (usually eating or doing other things).

– Caitlin mcfarland, co-founder


ICYMI... TV is going through a few, uh, changes.

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Something to look forward to, as a little treat.


A workplace comedy, but with bunnies, raccoons, and a herd of ostriches? Yes, thank you. We’re delighted that FOX’s Animal Control will premiere Feb. 16th, but are even more delighted to give y’all a chance to catch it early at our advance screening + Q&A with the cast on Feb. 14th. RSVP for free here!

– Laura kincaid, director of operations


This MGM+ (née EPIX) war thriller that I had very little awareness of several weeks ago is now to bubbling up in conversation — and who am I to argue with a line-up that includes Connor Swindells, Jack O’Connell, Alfie Allen & Dominic West? 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Teenagers getting into shenanigans while also trying to break a curse they may or may not have unleashed on themselves. Count us in for this new YA comedy from the creators of On My Block on Netflix (also our February TV Watch Club pick!)!

– Emily Gipson, Co-Founder


More TV, but for your ears.

HOUSE OF R | 'The Last of Us' and The Lone Wolf & Cub Trope

Whether or not you’re currently on The Last of Us train, this Ringer-verse deep dive on the “Lone Wolf and Cub” trope (derived from the manga of the same name) extends beyond one show into a larger exploration of a trend that continues to permeate pop culture. A worthwhile listen for both casual fans and story-obsessed nerds (like myself) who like to dig a little deeper into the shows, movies, and books they love. 


Available on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 


– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming

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