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 Need some help discovering what to watch, listen to, read, or catch-up on in the world of TV? This is the place! 

It’s officially October, which means two things: football season and spooky season!


As Texans (and Friday Night Lights devotees), we love a good sports story — and Freevee’s new docuseries God. Family. Football. taps into so many things we love about the genre: Small town dynamics. Family drama. A comeback story. A coach returning to his roots. 


Season 1 features the rich, diverse personal stories of Evangel Christian Academy’s players, coaching staff, and the broader Shreveport community, set against the dramatic backdrop of the 2022 Louisiana high school football season. All six episodes are streaming now on Freevee (for free!) — an easy binge watch that will have you rooting for the Eagles (and a Season 2). 


And now, onto spookier fare…


So much TV. So little time to watch. Here’s what you should be watching this month.

LOKI (Disney+)

Why: This month was a difficult choice. I want to stick to the Spooky theme and could make a play that could be the return of SHARK TANK (sharks are scary), or THE CIRCUS (politics are scary), but I think I’ve got to go with LOKI because I ADORED Season 1, which also surprised me. I’m not a lock for Marvel things. But it won me over and we’ve waited a long time (2 years? What is time?) for S2 –  and while it isn’t traditionally spooky it is intense and unpredictable keeping me on the edge of my seat both as storytellers and characters. As I mentioned, “what is time” when it comes to the world of Loki. If you haven’t seen S1 go back and watch, it is original within the walls of Marvel building an expansive standalone world with a character you aren’t sure if you can trust, but can’t stop watching. 


When: Loki returns October 5 on Disney+. 

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder


Why: I am a self-proclaimed chicken when it comes to anything scary (TV, movies, haunted houses, the Driskill Hotel, etc), but all I hear about Mike Flanagan’s shows are how fantastic they are. That they are beautiful, incredibly moving and about so much more than the jump scares, usually involving tears. I keep trying to psych myself up to watch them, but then at the last minute, I chicken out. Our ATX TV Members have been trying to get me to watch a few series in the horror genre for years, so I have decided that this spooky season it’s finally time. I will be watching the first few episodes via a Video Watch Party during the bright light of the day, with our Members and Laura (so that they can protect me), probably through my fingers and definitely with breakfast tacos and mimosas. I’m already terrified just thinking about it. 


When: All episodes streaming October 12 on Netflix. Added Bonus! Become a Member and join us for the Fall of House of Usher Watch Party on Sunday, October 15 at 12 PM CT (link to event)

– Emily Gipson, Co-Founder & Co-President 


Why: Listen. Sometimes a deeply depressing & horror  series about family trauma accidentally becomes your comfort watch. If you’ve never ventured a watch of Hill House — or haven’t revisited recently — I can’t recommend it highly enough. From the  performances (in both timelines), to Flanagan’s sure-handed directing, to the Newton Bros perfectly haunting score, nothing hits me quite like this series during spooky season. 

When & Where: Stream the full (10 episode) season now on Netflix. 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming

EVIL (Paramount+)

Why: Spooky Season is absolutely the best season – and I love an excuse to dive back into one of my fav spooky shows, Evil. To be totally honest, I think I would watch anything The Kings decided to throw at me, but with Evil, they happened to make exactly what I wanted to see (thanks, y’all!) – something that’s equal parts funny, scary, ridiculous, and thoughtful. I’ve decided this Spooky Season is the perfect time to start Evil over from the very beginning so I’m prepped and ready for whatever demons will be joining us for Season 4 (whenever that may be).


When: Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Paramount+.

– Laura Kincaid, Director of Operations

GOOSEBUMPS (Hulu/Disney+)

Why: Y’all we have entered into my absolute favorite time of the year. I cannot express enough how obsessed I am with all things spooky. However, I am not the biggest fan of horror shows (though I am making an effort to expand my horizons within this genre), so I am all about the mildly spooky shows that you can watch at night and not have nightmares. And what better show to get into the spooky season without being completely terrified than Goosebumps. I remember reading the books when I was a kid so I’m excited for all the nostalgia and to see this new take on such a classic series. Plus, I’m just a sucker for a show about a group of teens investigating a mystery from the past in a small town. 


When: Premieres October 13th on Hulu and Disney+. 

– Victoria Burk, Operations Coordinator


Stay cool and stream on.


Kelsey Grammar returns as Frasier and we can’t wait to see him back on the mic. (PS James Burrows came back too, so what more do you need to know?)


Fraiser premieres October 12 on Paramount+. Check out the trailer HERE

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder & Co-President 


I can’t wait to watch this show because I am a HUGE fan of the book. I’m not sure what I expected the book to be, but it was infinitely weirder and more enjoyable than I was expecting. I absolutely can’t wait to see how the series tackles the book and talk about it with our Members! “Children, set the table. Your mother needs a moment to binge this new show…”


Premieres October 13 on Apple TV+. Watch the trailer HERE



After nearly a year-and-a-half, the wait it almost over: Our Flag Means Death returns imminently! Our favorite motley crew are back for 8 more episodes, and we plan to savor them. Also: Stede & Blackbeard 4Ever. (Obviously.) 


Our Flag Means Death Returns October 5 on MAX. (You can binge Season 1 right now!)

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Need a break from your TV to read about some TV? We've got you.

MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios


What better reason to put down our phones/remotes than to pick up the new deep dive into the world of Marvel Studios, written by friend of the festival / culture writer / podcast host Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzalez, and Gavin Edwards? This sprawling look into the MCU and it’s place in pop culture has been on our most-anticipated list since it was announced, and it finally arrives on October 10th. Whether your interest in Marvel is casual fandom, or obsessive devotee – we have a feeling this one is a must-read. (Pre-order it HERE.)

How the Writers Deal Got Done: Inside the Room

by Kim Masters & Lesley Goldberg

The WGA strike has ended (!), and this concise & thoroughly reported rundown from THR’s Kim Masters and Lesley Goldberg about the weeks, days, and hours leading into the historic deal is a must read. 

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