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The holidays are quickly approaching, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to focus this month’s edition on TV shows we’re thankful for — either because they found us at the right time, helped us through a difficult time, or just bring us comfort or enjoyment in the way that only your favorite show can. 


For me, FOR ALL MANKIND is all of the above. This show was part of the original batch of series that launched Apple TV+ back in 2019 (roughly 100 years ago) — a big, showy astronaut drama with an alt-history premise: what if Russia had beat the U.S. to the moon? It’s easy to get lost in a “what if” premise, but FAM steered right into danger, with big narrative swings, surprising character choices, and high-tension set pieces that occasionally have you watching through your fingers. It’s an ambitious show; unafraid to lose characters and jump years into the future and wonder what it might look like to put a space station on Mars. Some swings pay off better than others, sure, but I can’t help it — I love a show guts.


Personally, though, I’m also thankful for this show because it gave me a way to connect with my mom during the pandemic. She loves TV, too (and never misses a festival), but it’s rarer and rarer that our tastes these overlap these days. I recommended this to her on a whim and we ended watching nearly two full seasons together over Facetime — making our own version of “appointment television” on Friday evenings after a long week. What’s better than being able to share the experience of watching one of your favorite shows with someone you love?


FOR ALL MANKIND is back for season 4 this month and I’m slowly working my way through a rewatch. Mom and I will be tuning in weekly, as we do, and we highly recommend you do too! (Seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Apple TV+.) 


And now, even MORE TV we’re thankful for… 




There’s lots of TV to be thankful for. Here’s where to find a few of our favorites.

THE GOOD WIFE (Paramount+)

Why: I’m deeply thankful for the “rewatch.”  In times of juggling lots of personal and professional commitments (all fun and exciting but also just A LOT during these holiday times) – I need comfort, ease, and entertainment.  Earlier this year, it was The O.C. (super fun to revisit) and now I’m rounding out the end of The Good Wife FULL 7 season rewatch.  It is so fun to watch The Kings get more and more comfortable with their “weirdness” within the confines of a legal show that has hands down the best cast ever – I’m talking the full spectrum of guest stars is unparalleled. I cannot recommend it highly enough to those that have or have not seen it before… go to Paramount + now and enjoy. 


When/Where: Stream the entire series now on Paramount+.

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder


Why: This is my happy place. I can’t count how many times I watched it during the pandemic, since it was on a loop on every screen that I owned. Some people say they struggled through Season One, but I never felt that. From the beginning, I love the journey you go on with the family and the town, I love the friendships and the romances, I love the mishaps and the amends (which are simply the best), and I deeply love the Rose family and all their flaws. This show makes me laugh out loud everytime I watch it, and it can still make me tear up. Schitt’s Creek is a safe place I can always disappear to, even for a minute, when the world outside is just a little too hard to handle, and I’m so thankful for it.


When/Where: Stream the full series now on Hulu.

– Emily Gipson, Co-Founder & Co-President 

QUEER EYE (Netflix)

Why: I’m deeply thankful for the Fab Five. I remember enjoying the original Queer Eye back in the mid 2000s, but it didn’t hit me the way that the reboot has. Queer Eye has been a show that I’ve shared with many a people when they’re having a hard time, and it has been a way to guarantee putting a smile on their faces. I’m also thankful for the lessons and gentle reminders that I’ve taken from the show. Overall, the message of self care, confidence, connection, and love are just great to hear over and over again – and they warm my heart every time – and the little tips are the cherries on top. Tan brought us the French tuck (game changer). Antoni shared the secret to a fantastic omelet (but I shan’t put sour cream or yogurt in my guac). Bobby taught us how to take the pollen out of lilies (also a game changer). Karamo reminds us to dance… and shake our asses. And JVN validates all my feelings about sunscreen. Thanks y’all. <3


When/Where: Seasons 1-7 are streaming now on Netflix.

– Laura Kincaid, Director of Operations


Why: When thinking about shows I’m thankful for, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso premiered in 2020 and, as I’m sure we all vividly remember, that was a rough year for everyone. When this show came out, it was like a breath of fresh air. It had been so long since I had seen a show that was entertaining without being overly complicated, that I could watch with my family, easy to watch, and just made you feel good every episode. It was like a warm hug during what can only be described as a highly stressful, emotional rollercoaster ride of a year. So thank you Ted Lasso for being literally everything I needed during that chaotic time in my life and you’re welcome to everyone I recommended this show to whenever I was asked “what should I watch next?” 


When/Where: Stream seasons 1-3 on Apple TV+. 

– Victoria Burk, Operations Coordinator


A little something to look forward to, as a treat.


Season 1 surprised me because while I watched Downton Abbey a bit, it isn’t necessarily my wheelhouse, neither is this period of drama… but c’mon it is Christine Baranski AND Carrie Coon… and the shocker is that my husband loves to open a bottle of red wine and watch with me. Bring it on! 


Watch new episodes of The Gilded Age Sundays on HBO & Max. 

– Caitlin McFarland, Co-Founder & Co-President 


On its face, The Curse appears to be a home renovation satire, which in general is enough to pique my interest. With Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone involved… who knows what shows we’re actually going to get. In a post-The Rehearsal world, nothing feels off the table — and what better reason to watch?


Premieres November 10 on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. Watch the trailer HERE

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


“Stylish murder mystery starring Emma Corin” is really all the reason I need to be excited for this one. Add Brit Marling, Clive Owen, Alice Braga, and Jermaine Fowler in also mix — there’s no reason NOT to tune in. 


FX’s Murder at the End of the World premieres November 14 on Hulu. Watch the trailer HERE

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


More TV, but for your ears.

Lead with Kindness: Conversations to Change Our Culture

Hosted by Melinda Hsu

New podcast alert! ATX TV Festival alum and  showrunner / creator / writer / producer Melinda Hsu is launching “Lead with Kindness: Conversations to Change our Culture” on November 8, which will discuss how kindness and inclusion, and intentionally fostering both in your environment, leads not only to better business results and higher standards of professionalism (and importantly, is also the right thing to do).


Melinda’s credits include Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Lost, The Vampire Diaries, The Gifted, Falling Skies, and more — and her knowledge and experience within the industry in vast. We can’t wait to hear what she has to say. (Listen to the trailer and subscribe HERE to make sure you don’t miss an episode.) 


While you wait for the premiere of Lead with Kindness, check out our past festival conversations with Melinda below: 


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