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 Need some help discovering what to watch, listen to, read, or catch-up on in the world of TV? This is the place! 


So many things to see at SXSW, so little time. Here’s what’s at the top of our list.


Why: Based on a true crime that happened in Texas (and reporting from Texas Monthly), filmed in Austin, and helmed by Texan and #ATXAlum (+ Season 12 Panelist) Lesli Linka Glatter, Love & Death is a SXSW must-see for many reasons — including what are sure to be powerhouse performances from stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons


When: Love & Death makes it’s SXSW debut on March 11 at 12pm CT at the Paramount Theatre, and premieres April 27 on HBO Max. 


Why: Tiny Beautiful Things isn’t premiering at SXSW, but Showrunner/EP (and ATX TV Advisory Board Member) Liz Tigelaar and best-selling author Cheryl Strayed will be in town to discuss the upcoming series, based on Strayed’s book of the same name. It’s safe to say this is one you don’t want to miss.


When: Join Liz and Cheryl at SXSW on March 13 @ 2:30pm CT at the Convention Center, and tune in April 7th for the premiere on Hulu. 

MRS. DAVIS (Peacock)

Why: Damon Lindelof’s latest venture, from showrunner/EP Tara Hernandez, stars the inimitable Betty Gilpin (GLOW) as a nun named Simone who is devoted to destroying the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence (the titular Mrs. Davis). We don’t know what any of that means, but it sounds cool as hell. We’re in. 


When: Catch the SXSW Premiere of Mrs. Davis on March 14 @ 5pm CT at the Stateside Theatre, and April 20 on Peacock. 


Watching TV: The best kind of homework assignment.


Even us here at ATX TV HQ have to do our homework. Cheers has always been that show I knew I would love, but just had never watched…until now! 


I am constantly surprised and delighted by the characters and storylines. It was easy to slide into the antics of the characters (I, too, now yell “Norm!” when George Wendt comes on screen), and there’s a lot more heart and tearjerker moments than I expected. 


Yes, it is 11 seasons — but now that I’m two seasons in, I just can’t stop (and I bet you won’t be able to either). Will I finish just in time to celebrate the show’s 30th Anniversary at the Festival? Has Norm ever left a beer undrunk? 

– Emily Gipson, Co-Founder


Long time favorite, first time panelist! We are beyond excited to have Seth Meyers joining us for the first time at this year’s festival for an inside look at the gem that is the Emmy-nominated Late Night with Seth Meyers. 


If you’re not a regular Late Night viewer, 1) we’re about to change that, and 2) the official Late Night YouTube Channel is a great place to check out some of the show’s staple segments, including “A Closer Look,” “Day Drinking,” “Amber Says What” with Amber Ruffin, and of course, Meyer’s monologues. 

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


Y’all. If you haven’t watched The Righteous Gemstones yet, you have been missing out.

Every episode I watch makes me laugh out loud. Every character is perfectly ludicrous and the most joyful combination of terrible and delightful. Every song makes me tap my foot. I just can’t get enough of this show, and I’m anxiously awaiting the Season 3 premiere at #ATXTVs12!

If you haven’t met The Gemstones yet, put on your Sunday best and get to it! Catch up with Season 1 + 2 on HBO Max now.

–  Laura Kincaid, Director of Operations


Give your brain a break and enjoy.


Austin has hosted F1 for over 10 years, but it wasn’t until this series premiered that I got hooked. From Drivers to Team Principals to the economics of the sport… plus, it is gorgeous. Personal favorite: Guenther + Toto, Personal villains: Max + Christian.


Bonus: there’s a Spice Girl from time to time and this season we spotted Tom Cruise!


FULL SWING (Netflix)

From the Drive to Survive team, so it’s well-edited and executed for easy viewing of making something you didn’t care about interesting.  Yeah, I also don’t care about Golf! It isn’t as good as Drive to Survive in my opinion, but it has all the elements of people and places that makes for a fun binge. And yes, now I might watch the Masters.


Personal favorite: Rory McIlroy.



Cunk on Earth, a mockumentary about the history of human civilization starring Diane Morgan as “investigative reporter” Philomena Cunk, is the kind of absolute silliness that could only come from someone with a true handle on history and satire — in this case, Black Mirror‘s Charlie Brooker. My advice: Let Cunk take you around the world, and teach you absolutely nothing.

– Jenn Morgan, Director of Programming


We heart a good TV Podcast.

Hey Dude... The 90's Called!

Good news for fans of TV rewatch podcasts and TV companion podcasts — our recently announced iHeartPodcasts showcase has both! Hosts from Almost Famous, 9021OMG, Two T’s in a Pod and Hey Dude, The 90’s Called! (featuring Hey Dude stars and #ATXAlums David Lascher & Christine Taylor) will be joining us at Season 12 of ATX TV Festival this June to talk all things TV podcasts. 


Listen now wherever you get your podcasts, and buy your badge to join us live in June!

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